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Massachusetts Home Buyer Guide


NAR Settlement: Separating Fact From Fiction for Home Buyers

Biden $10,000 Annual Tax Credit Plan Receives Praise, Criticism

Mortgage Rates Decline, Similar to Year Ago

When Do Home Buyers Make Their First Mortgage Payment?

Flood Insurance 101: Essential Guide for First-Time Homebuyers

Melrose, MA 2023 Sales Fall, Prices Rise; Inventory Remains Tight

Boston Rents: Investor Heaven, Renter Hell

North Andover, MA Real Estate Market: 9 Things to Know

U.S. Mortgage Interest Rates Spike on Jobs Report

Acton, MA v. Westford, MA: Real Estate Market Comparison

Arlington, MA Real Estate Market: A Look at 2023 v. 2022 Trends

Massachusetts Home Prices Rise Modestly, Sales Plummet in 2023

Haverhill, MA Home Prices Rose in 2023, But More Slowly

Will Declining Interest Rates Increase Home Buyer Competition?

Despite Tight Inventory, Competition for Homes Eases a Bit

Mortgage Interest Rates Drop Nearly .75% in a Month

Should You Buy a Home Without A Buyer Agent?

Mortgage Interest Rates Have Dropped. How Much Can Home Buyers Save?

Home Buyers: Don't Be Fooled By The 20% Down Payment Myth

Home Buyers Struggle With Inventory, Prices, and Interest Rates

Mortgage Interest Rates, Home Prices Continue to Rise

Navigating Home Warranty Contracts with Confidence in Massachusetts

Just How Low Can Massachusetts Real Estate Inventory Go?

Single-family Home vs. Condo: Which is Right For You?

Should First-time Home Buyers Wait for Interest Rates to Decline?

Are Higher Mortgage Rates to Blame for Scarce Real Estate Inventory?

Waiving the Appraisal Contingency: What Home Buyers Should Consider

Indirect Hot Water Tanks: What Home Buyers Should Know

9 Places in Massachusetts Where House Prices Have Fallen in 2023

Mortgage Interest Rates Reached Highest Level in 2023

Will Slower Price Growth Mean More Massachusetts Homes For Sale?

Buying a House With Solar Panels: What Home Buyers Need to Know

Will Jump in U.S. Mortgage Interests Rates Weaken Homebuyer Demand?

Greater Boston Real Estate: Will Lack of Affordability Cool Market?

5 Greater Boston Communities With Less Than One Month of Inventory

What is Title Insurance in Massachusetts?

What's Behind Falling Home Sales in Massachusetts?

How Much Does Homeowners Insurance in Massachusetts Cost?

Mortgage Interest Rates Decline for Third Consecutive Week

11 Things Massachusetts Home Buyers Should Know in Spring 2023

Massachusetts Home Sales Fall, Inventory Tight, Prices Holding Up

Haverhill, MA Home Prices Fall, Inventory Remains Tight

Massachusetts Single-family Home Price Growth Slows in January 2023

6 Expensive Issues a Home Inspection in Massachusetts Might Uncover

Seller's Home Inspection Doesn't Replace a Homebuyer's Need for One

Burlington, MA Condominium Prices Soar in December and 2022

Massachusetts Home Prices Increase But Price Growth Slows in 2022

Is Buying a Condo a Good Investment in Massachusetts

What Homebuyers Need to Know About a Plot Plan in Real Estate

What is Causing Norwood, MA Home Sales to Plummet?

Your Contractor is not a Massachusetts Home Inspector

Salem, MA Home Prices, Sales Decline in November 2022

Home-buying Contingencies Massachusetts Homebuyers Should Know About

What's an Exclusive Buyer Agent in Real Estate?

Average Mortgage Interest Rates Decline Four Consecutive Weeks

A Strange Boston Area Real Estate Market for Home Buyers and Sellers

Milton, MA Real Estate Market Cools in October 2022

Lowell, MA Real Estate Inventory, Sales Plummet in October 2022

Interest Rates More Attractive for Homebuyers

Massachusetts Home Sales Fall in October 2022, Affordability an Issue

Rising Home Prices Resulted in Fewer First-time Homebuyers

Signs of a Weaker Milford, MA Real Estate Market in September 2022

Hot Somerville, MA Real Estate Market Cools Off

Haverhill, MA Home Price Growth Slows; Inventory Remains Tight

Is It Still a Tough Housing Market for Massachusetts Homebuyers?

Mortgage Interest Rates Approaching 6 Percent Again

Marshfield, MA Single-family Home Prices Fall in July

Kingston, MA Homes Prices Cooling Off, Inventory Remains Tight

4 Massachusetts Communities Where Home Prices Dropped in July 2022

Massachusetts Real Estate Market: More of the Same in July 2022

17 Facts for Homebuyers About the Andover, MA Real Estate Market

5 Ways Buying a Home in New Hampshire is Different From Massachusetts

Real Estate Easements: What Massachusetts Homebuyers Should Know

U.S. Mortgage Interest Rates Fall Below 5 Percent

Acton, MA Home Prices Jump, Sales Slump First Half of 2022

What is an Appraisal Gap Clause When Buying a Home?

Medfield, MA Median Home Prices Surpass $1 Million Through June 2022

Mortgage Rates Lower But Affordability, Applications Still Fall

Medford, MA Median Single-family Home Prices Up, Sales Down

7 Holliston, MA Real Estate Market Statistics for Homebuyers

Quincy, MA Real Estate Prices Rise in May 2022, Sales Fall

Massachusetts Home Sales Slow Mainly Due to a Lack of Inventory

9 Foxborough, MA Real Estate Market Statistics to Know

Melrose, MA Real Estate Market a Mixed Bag Through April 2022

11 Things to Know About the Haverhill, MA Real Estate Market

Natick, MA Single-family Home Prices Jump Double Digits in Q1 2022

Mortgage Interest Rates Remain Above 5%, Cost of Mortgage Payments Up

About Flood Insurance and How Much it Costs in Massachusetts

7 Things to Know About the Revere, MA Real Estate Market

Massachusetts Inventory Plunges Another 30 Percent in March 2022

Homebuyers Should Assume Sellers are Watching and Maybe Listening Too

Average U.S. Mortgage Interest Rates Rapidly Rising

No. 1 Tip For Massachusetts Home Buyers to Prepare for the 2022 Market

Homebuyers Ask, 'Will the Real Estate Market Crash in 2022?'

What is a Special Assessment for a Condo? | HOA Fees

What Does Proration in Real Estate Mean to Massachusetts Homebuyers?

Massachusetts First-time Homebuyers Faced a Tough 2021 Housing ​Market

How to Buy a Condo in Massachusetts

5 Taxes Homebuyers Should Know About When Moving to Massachusetts

Should Massachusetts Homebuyers Buy a Flipped Home?

Mortgage Interest Rates Up Nearly a Quarter Point, Near Two-year High

Massachusetts Homebuyers Should Know About Accessory Dwelling Units

NAR: Proximity to Family and Friends Motivated Homebuyers in Past Year

Massachusetts Homebuyers Regret Waiting Too Long to Prepare to Buy

Homebuyers Paying More for Homes in Massachusetts Through October 2021

Mortgage Rates Below 3 Percent After Falling Two Straight Weeks

Mortgage Rates Hold Steady For Second Week

What Does It Mean When a Seller Pays Closing Costs in Massachusetts?

Mortgage Interest Rates Decline, Forecast to Rise Later in the Year

4 Questions First-time Homebuyers Ask About Appraisals

Mortgage Interest Rates Decline After Nearly Two-month Rise

Do Massachusetts Home Buyers Pay Taxes When Buying a Home?

Mortgage Interest Rates Rise to Highest Level Since June 2020

Mortgage Interest Rates Reach Highest Point Since Summer 2020

Canton, MA Real Estate Market: 10 Things Homebuyers Should Know

Ashland, MA Home Prices Decline in 2020, Bucking Statewide Trend

Mortgage Interest Rates Rise to Three-month High

Haverhill, MA Home Prices Spike, Inventory Plummets in 2020

Mortgage Interest Rates Unchanged Two Straight Weeks

Acton, MA Home Prices, Sales Mixed in 2020

Waltham, MA Real Estate Market: 11 Things Homebuyers Should Know

After Rising, Mortgage Interest Rates Decline Again

Dedham, MA Home Prices Increase Double Digits in 2020

Wakefield, MA Real Estate Market: 9 Things to Know

Pre-Offer Home Inspections. What Massachusetts Homebuyers Should Know.

Is the East Boston Real Estate Market Cooling Off?

New Year, New Record Low for Mortgage Interest Rates

5 Credit Score Myths Homebuyers Should Know

Massachusetts Home Sales, Median Prices Spike in November 2020

Mortgage Interest Rates Drop to All-time Low for 15th Time in 2020

Believe It or Not, Mortgage Interest Rates Reach New Low

What is Debt-to-Income Ratio for Massachusetts Homebuyers?

Massachusetts Home Sales Jump, inventory Plummets in October 2020

Mortgage Interest Rates Hit All-time Low for 13th Time in 2020

What to Know About Biden's First-time Homebuyer Tax Credit?

Just When We Thought Mortgage Interest Rates Couldn't Go Any Lower

Average Mortgage Interest Rates Hit All-time Low

What Massachusetts Homebuyers Should Know About Using Propane to Heat

Mortgage Interest Rates Remain Below 3 Percent

Massachusetts Homes Sales Rise in July 2020 After Three Months

Another All-time Low for Mortgage Interest Rates

Mortgage Interest Rates Reach an All-time Low, Home Prices Up

Mortgage Interest Rates Move Lower, Applications Rise

What's Home Buying in Massachusetts Like in a COVID-19 World?

8 Places in Massachusetts with Ridiculously Low Real Estate Inventory

Mortgage Interest Rates Rise Slightly

COVID-19 Crisis Worsens Massachusetts Real Estate Inventory Situation

What are the Income Limits for a MassHousing Loan?

Mortgage Interest Rates Again Near All-time Lows

MassHousing Down Payment Assistance Helps More First-time Home Buyers

Mortgage Interest Rates Drop, Purchase Applications Plummet

Massachusetts Home Sales Slow in February 2020

How Will Coronavirus Impact Boston's Real Estate Market?

Never Mind Putting a Ring on It. All the Single Ladies Want Homes.

Freddie Mac: Mortgage Interest Rates Hit All-time Low

Mortgage Interest Rates Plunge on Coronavirus Uncertainty

Is There a Right Way to Buy a Home in Massachusetts?

Mortgage Interest Rates Near Three-year Lows

5 Massachusetts Towns Where Home Prices Declined in 2019

Massachusetts Home Sales Flat in 2019, Inventory Continues to Decline

Mortgage Rates Expected to Support Real Estate Market Activity

Massachusetts Home Sales See Double-digit Drop in November 2019

Mortgage Rates Unchanged From Previous Week

Massachusetts Home Sales Flat in October 2019

The Loan Application Deadline is Important to Massachusetts Homebuyers

Mortgage Rates Up, But Well Below This Time Last Year

Massachusetts Real Estate Inventory Continues to Decline

Mortgage Interest Rates More Than 1.25% Below Last Year

7 Ways Homebuyers Negatively Impact the Home Loan Process

Lack of Real Estate Inventory Still the Big Story in Massachusetts

Where Can You Find a Home in Greater Boston for Less Than $400K?

Mortgage Interest Rates Continue to Decline

What Does a Suitable Housing Contingency Mean for Homebuyers?

Massachusetts Home Prices Rise, Interest Rates Remain Below 4%

Mortgage Interest Rates Unchanged, Remain Near Historic Lows

U.S. Mortgage Interest Rates Lowest Since November 2016

Medford, MA Real Estate Inventory Continues Decline

U.S. Mortgage Interest Rates Unchanged, Remain Below 4 Percent

Massachusetts Home Prices Reach All-time Highs

U.S. Mortgage Interest Rates Rise, Remain Below 4%

Massachusetts Condo Inventory Continues to Rise

U.S. Mortgage Interest Rates Continue 2019 Slide

Mortgage Interest Rates Fall For Fifth Straight Week

Massachusetts Home Sales, Prices Increase in April 2019

Average Mortgage Interest Rates Fall For Third Straight Week

Mortgage Interest Rates Decline for the First Time in Five Weeks

Massachusetts Home Sales, Prices a Mixed Bag in March 2019

Mortgage Interest Rates Increase Four Straight Weeks

Mortgage Interest Rates Increase Three Straight Weeks

Mortgage Interest Rates Remain Below Year-ago Levels

Costs First-time Homebuyers Should Consider Beyond Mortgage Payments

Largest Drop in a Decade for Mortgage Interest Rates

Massachusetts Homebuyers Kicked Off Spring Market in February

Mortgage Interest Rates Continue 2019 Slide

Mortgage Interest Rates at Lowest Level in 13 Months

U.S. Mortgage Interest Rates Up, Still Below Year-Ago Levels

U.S. Mortgage Interest Rates Lower Than Last Year

Massachusetts Condominium Inventory Increases in January 2019

U.S. Mortgage Interest Rates Decline for Third Straight Week

U.S. Mortgage Interest Rates Decline to 10-month Low


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