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Buyers Brokers Only, LLC Celebrates NAEBA's 20th Anniversary

May 9, 2015 9:17:00 PM

The National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents (NAEBA) is celebrating its 20th year of protecting real estate consumers and promoting 100 percent loyalty to home buyers. 

Loyal Buyer Brokers at the National Association of Exclusive Buyer AgentsUntil the 1980s, all real estate agents represented the seller in a real estate transaction. With the advent of exclusive buyer agency – real estate brokerages only representing home buyers, never sellers – rights and protections were also provided to home buyers by eliminating obvious conflicts of interest. 

In February 1995, 175 consumer advocates attended an inaugural meeting in Olive Branch, MS, creating NAEBA, a nonprofit association solely dedicated to those real estate firms practicing exclusive buyer agency and focusing on protecting real estate consumers. 

"Exclusive buyer agent real estate firms such as ours are fortunate and grateful that those 175 innovative consumer advocates paved the way 20 years ago for others to carry on the tradition of 100 percent loyalty to home buyers," Richard Rosa, co-founder and co-owner of Buyers Brokers Only, LLC said. "I am looking forward to celebrating NAEBA's 20th anniversary at its annual meeting in October in Tampa, Florida."

Currently headquartered in Avondale, AZ, NAEBA has come a long way in its first 20 years. With members in nearly all 50 states and a province in Canada, NAEBA continues to strive towards its goal of providing outstanding member services and to protecting the interest of home buyers in every type of real estate market.

The organization is regularly contacted by consumer groups, government entities, media outlets, and individual consumers when seeking expert opinions on the purchase of real estate.

Current President Chris Whitehead continues to stress the importance of partnering with an exclusive buyer agent, and he is leading the charge in providing buyer agents with proper tools to guide home buyers throughout the transaction process.

“We are truly excited to continue to assist home buyers in finding their ideal home through informed agents that have the buyer’s best interests in mind," Whitehead said.

NAEBA has continued promoting its partnership with buyer agents that are 100 percent loyal to home buyers with the recent creation of the NAEBA Referral Service, which is a free service for consumers looking for an exclusive buyer agent in their area.

About Buyers Brokers Only, LLC: Buyers Brokers Only, LLC is the largest exclusive buyer agent real estate firm in Massachusetts, and all its buyer agents are members of the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents. It exclusively represents home buyers, and all its real estate brokers also are lawyers. Because Buyers Brokers Only, LLC only represents home buyers, and not sellers, it’s 100 percent loyal to its home buyer clients 100 percent of the time. With the main office located in Historic Downtown Haverhill, Massachusetts, the more than 20 buyer brokers at Buyers Brokers Only, LLC cover an area that includes Boston, Boston’s south and north shores, MetroWest, the Merrimack Valley, Central Massachusetts, Southeastern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire.

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